Weight Loss Program Overview

The Tony Ferguson Weight Management Program is a flexible, 3 phase Program which offers the health benefits of a low GI diet while helping you to change your relationship with food.

Tony Ferguson 2 phase diet plan

On the Program you will learn to balance weight loss with the foods you love while learning healthy new habits for life e.g. eating low GI foods, including sufficient protein, healthy fats fibre and snacks. You'll be eating a variety of Tony Ferguson Meals (shakes, soups, bars, muesli), low GI meals & snacks each day. Each phase builds on the principles already learnt.

Importantly, Tony Ferguson provides support in-store, through our Support Centre, our online chat facility, this website and our Facebook page. Our website also contains many specialised, member-only tools and resources. We aim to ensure that you have everything you need to maintain a healthy new weight for life.

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Step 1

New Start
is designed to get your weight management journey off to a good start with some early weight loss. This will give you confidence in the effectiveness of the Program and boost your motivation to continue.

On this phase you will trigger the fat burning process by replacing two meals a day with our delicious Tony Ferguson Meals. We guide you in selecting a variety of healthy foods for your third meal and snacks. This is where you will learn the basic habits that will help you maintain a healthy weight for life.
Step 2

During the New Thinking phase you’ll build on the positive new habits you began in New Start while continuing to lose weight. Importantly, you’ll begin to create new relationships with your favourite foods as you reintroduce them into your diet. You’ll learn new strategies and ways of thinking that will allow you to enjoy the foods you love without the risk of overeating and regaining weight.
Step 3

New Normal
is the final phase of your weight management journey. Here, we’ll refresh the skills you’ve learnt along the way and provide you with all the information, tools and resources you need to maintain your healthy new weight for life. From now on, feeling in control and confident when it comes to managing your weight will be your new normal.

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