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Tony Ferguson has used the latest evidence in weight loss and nutrition, to bring you a range of weight loss programs to suit your individual needs.

At Tony Ferguson we believe it is essential that our programs and advice are influenced by current nutrition and weight loss evidence, to ensure our members are supported and receiving the most up to date information.

The Tony Ferguson VLCD  is compliant with Codex Alimentarius International Standards for VLCD/VLED. The program is designed to provide you with all your essential nutrients whilst being calorie restricting and low in fat. The shakes contain 25 vitamins and minerals which ensure that you aren’t being deprived of essential nutrients whilst following our program and losing weight.

The Tony Ferguson Classic and Weight Loss for life programs are influenced by the latest Australian Dietary Guidelines and Obesity Management Guidelines.

How the Tony Ferguson Programs were built.

The Tony Ferguson Classic and Weight Loss for Life programs have been based around the Australian Guidelines for healthy eating. The programs do not tell you what you can’t eat, but rather tell you how much of each food group you can eat, to comply with the healthy eating guidelines. Of course the total calories in the program are less than in the guidelines because you are losing weight, not maintaining it.Whilst following the Tony Ferguson programs the content of our specially designed shakes, and other meal replacement products, make a contribution to your daily nutritional needs. The shakes and other products contain part of the daily composition of your dairy, protein and grain needs, as well as containing the micronutrients required to keep you healthy as you lose weight.

Australian Guide to Healthy Eating

Enjoy a wide variety of nutritious foods from these 5 food groups every day. Drink plenty of water.


Source: National Health and Medical Research Council (2013) Educator guide. Canberra: NHMRC.

Grains (cereal) foods, mostly wholegrain and/or high cereal fibre varieties
Vegetables and legumes/beans
Lean meats and poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds and legumes /beans
Milk, yoghurt, cheese, and/or alternatives, mostly reduced fat


Use in small amounts


Only sometimes and in small amounts