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Continue to eat lunch and dinner as well as shakes
Calories consumed per day on eating plan 800 1200 1600
Long term sustainable weight loss program
Program suited to rapid weight loss, but should not be used for more than 12 weeks at a time
Is suitable just to replace a meal from time to time
Number of shakes consumed per day 3 2 2
Calories per shake 145 LESS THAN 145 205

Success Stories

Lost 12 kg

"I wanted to improve my self-confidence, health and happiness. I liked the ongoing support and I love how versatile the program is. I'm now feeling much more energetic and good about myself."

Lost 30 kg

“I needed to lose weight for a healthier lifestyle, and to be a healthy and active role model for my son. I now have more energy, and have just competed in a half-marathon with the ultimate goal to do a full marathon. I love the support, the friendly staff and the meals of the Tony Ferguson program.”

Lost 55 kg

“Since I lost weight I am excited that I now have enough energy keep up with the kids again.”

Lost 13.9kg

"I joined Tony Ferguson because I needed to change, I was always sick, out of breath, very tired all the time and so very unhappy with myself. Losing weight changed my life for the better. It has made me healthier for my kids and I feel so much more confident about myself I will never go back, this program has showed me how to live a better, healthier life and for that I am so grateful."

Lost 24.2 kg

“I wanted to lose weight and get healthy for a long time, and I had heard success stories about the Tony Ferguson program from my friends and family. I found the Tony Ferguson program easy, and never felt hungry. I lost 24.2 kg in 12 months, and now have increased energy and confidence. I feel good getting dressed up, and have increased fitness at the same time. I feel wonderful!”

Lost 26.6 kg

“I have finally made it!!!!! I’m under 100kg for the first time in about 6 years! I have now lost 26.6 kg in 7 months. I was caught up in this vicious cycle of gaining weight due to poor food choices, and making poor food choices out of depression over my weight gain, and wanted to lose weight to improve my health, physically and emotionally. The health problems that I suffered at the start of my program have much improved. Being lighter gives me so much more energy to pursue my career in nursing.”

Lost 44kg

"Before losing weight on the Tony Ferguson program I had low self-esteem, never went out and lost friends. Losing weight has given me confidence to leave my parents’ home and buy a house, meet my partner and now I love shopping and going out!"

Lost 52.5kg

"Losing weight has given me a lot more confidence in my appearance. I now have a lot more energy to do things with my wife and daughter and I don’t struggle in heat at work anymore."

Lost 19.8kg

"I joined Tony Ferguson because I had health issues and was advised by a surgeon to lose weight prior to having surgery. Since losing weight on the Tony Ferguson program I have much more energy, I am walking without shortness of breath, wearing trendy clothes, bathers and shorts. I have a whole new love of life!!"

Lost 23.6 kg

"I joined Tony Ferguson because I was feeling fat. Now I can actually my old clothes, I am moving a lot more comfortably and I love walking."

Lost 36.6 kg

"Since losing weight on the Tony Ferguson Program I feel so much better as a person. I have a new lease of life. Seeing the result is amazing! It has given my children their mother back."

Lost 45 kg

“I wanted to lose weight and keep it off, but lose it in a healthy way. The Tony Ferguson program, with the variety in shakes and support of a consultant, helped me achieve that. I lost 45 kg in 52 weeks. I am much healthier and fitter now, and feel a lot better about myself.”

Lost 28 kg

“I wanted to lose weight so I could work longer. In the nine months since I started the Tony Ferguson program, I have lost 28 kg. I love the shakes, and the support I get from my consultant is fantastic! I feel healthy and can now do my working week with lots of energy.”

Lost 50 kg

“I needed to lose weight for a knee operation, and it was easy to just keep going. The program was easy to incorporate into my lifestyle, and the education on healthy eating made me look at food in a different light. I am now fitter and have an overall better outlook on life. My weekly migraines have disappeared as well.”

Lost 32 kg

“I wanted to lose weight and get fit to be more active with my children. Following the Tony Ferguson program has totally changed my life. I now have more energy, better eating habits and a new outlook on exercise. I feel better in mind, body and spirit. The support from the whole Tony Ferguson team and the Facebook Support group made losing weight so easy.”

Lost 12 kg

"I wanted to lose weight to feel better in myself, gain fitness and improve my overall health. I lost 12 kg in 29 weeks, and now feel more positive, confident and motivated. I loved the flexible and sensible support from Tony Ferguson."

Lost 17 kg

"I feel a lot better health-wise now I have lost 17 kg in 29 weeks. I like that you are still able to eat normal foods on the Tony Ferguson program."

Lost 20 kg

"I lost 20 kg in 6 months. Losing weight has definitely changed my life. Not only do I feel amazing and look much better, I finally have the energy to look after my kids and chase after them and do heaps of outdoor activities with them."

Lost 51 kg

"I lost 51.6 kg in 20 months. I found Tony Ferguson simple and easy to follow. Now I have lost weight, I feel more energetic, and I'm off my asthma and blood pressure medication."

Individual results may vary

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